Now we have two Shining Star Awards for GAPAN

ABPANC’s Shining Star Award publicly recognizes ASPAN Components for supporting and encouraging CPAN® and CAPA® certification at the local level. All Components, meeting the criteria are awarded the Shining Star Award at the annual CPAN/CAPA Celebration Event, held in conjunction with the ASPAN National Conference. The award, a beautiful silver star, is engraved with the Component’s name and year of award. This star statue can be displayed proudly at Component meetings!

Established in 1977, the Georgia Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses contributes to the advancement of our nursing specialty practice. Rooted in education, the mission of GAPAN is to establish an organization for networking and advancement of PeriAnesthesia Nursing with an emphasis on continuing education, community service, and research.

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Perianesthesia Nurse Awareness Week
February 3 - 9

Augusta District PANAW Celebration

Certified Nurses Day –
a National Celebration!
March 19

ASPAN Leadership Development Institute 2014

Igniting Professionalism:
Excellence in Practice, Leadership and Collaboration
September 5-7, 2014
Millennium Maxwell House Hotel
Nashville, Tennessee

GAPAN State Conference

September 12th - 14th 2014
Conference Brochure
Cell Phones For Soldiers

ASPAN 2015 National Conference


Keisha Franks, BSN, RN, CPAN - Atlanta District

President Elect:
Nancy Wong-Tse, BSN, RN, CPAN - Atlanta District

Dana Nation, RN, BSN - North East District

Leslie Edney, BSN, RN, CAPA, CNV - Augusta District

Immediate Past Pres:
Janice Wilson, BSN, RN, CNIII - Augusta District

Membership Chair:
Sue Andrews, BSN, MA, RN, CAPA - Augusta District

Governmental Affairs Chair:
Betty Cantrell, RN, CAPA - Northeast District



Greetings from the GAPAN President,

Hello and welcome to the Georgia Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (GAPAN)

It is truly an honor to serve as the 2013-2014 President of the Georgia Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (GAPAN). I would like to thank my fellow GAPAN members and GAPAN Board members for trusting me with the responsibility of promoting the mission of GAPAN. This mission promotes quality care and enhances excellent PeriAnesthesia nursing practice through education and leadership. I challenge all GAPAN members to engage in continuous educational opportunities. PeriAnesthesia nursing is a specialized field that requires continuous educational engagement and colleaguality. PeriAnesthesia nursing is an evidence based practice that requires its nurses to constantly grow professionally.

I am proud to be a PeriAnesthesia nurse. I am even more proud to be a member of GAPAN. I would like to encourage others to join our professional organization and become proud nursing leaders of your specialty. Let’s continue to build our practice using the ASPAN recommendations and standards to guide our professionalism. Please contact me for questions, advice, component help or information.

Keisha Franks, RN, BSN, CPAN
GAPAN President 2013-2014
(404)630-9688 cell
(770)793-5894 work

As GAPAN President, I would like to set forth 2013-2014 Strategic goals for GAPAN:

  • Communication Improvements

  • Strengthen Component Viability
    1. Officer training
    2. Offer district assistance in sending members to LDI/ASPAN conference
    3. Increase recruitment efforts
  • Strengthen component viability
    1. Increase membership by 10% by September 2014
  • Succession planning
    1. Mentor and train new Board Members and Committee Members

    Keisha Franks, RN, BSN, CPAN
    GAPAN President 2013- 2014
    Phone (404)630-9688
    Work (770)793-5894

    Greetings FROM THE PAST 2013-2014 GAPAN PRESIDENT

    August 10, 2014

    Greetings from the GAPAN President,

    As my term comes to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on our year. In September 2013, I set goals to improve communication, strengthen component viability and mentor new members to ensure our continued success. These goals were also identified by my predecessor and I felt they were important to our organization to continue and ensure their completion.

    My first goal was to improve communication at both the State and District levels. I feel this goal was met and communication has been greatly improved. Our newsletter the “ Awakener” has truly been awakened by our wonderful and dedicated web editor Janice Wilson, RN, BSN,CNIII. Her work received recognition by ASPAN at the National Conference April 2014. The “Awakener” received then ASPAN Component Newsletter 2014 Contest Award. That was a proud moment personally for me as the GAPAN President. I was well aware of the struggles she had to overcome to obtain this award for herself and GAPAN. I would like to thank all of the districts for your commitment and assistance in achieving this great accomplishment. I strongly encourage you all to continue this commitment for GAPAN to remain as a component of greatness.

    I commend all of the districts that have developed a form of social media (ie: Facebook, Twitter) that reaches out to their members and provides members with valuable information. The Board uses Go-to-meeting provided by ASPAN to hold at least one meeting per year. There have been several districts that express this as a possibility to them as well. I have committed to work on this or get this information to the district for use as it becomes available. I feel that this goal was accomplished and thank all of you for your assistance.

    Our membership continues to remain stable. I have become involved with the Membership and Marketing SWT Committee (ASPAN) to ensure that GAPAN is doing everything possible to encourage membership and growth. I realize that our facilities and professional organization are encouraging advanced degrees for nurses and this competes with our availability and commitment to our professional organization. I ask that each district assess the needs and availability of their members and use this assessment to better meet the need and availability of their members.

    The Board members and myself have offered mentoring and training to district officers as needed. I will continue to offer my time and knowledge as a leader to districts as requested. I encourage all District President /officers to attend board meetings to learn the process and the responsibility of each officer. There is a job description for each officer in the Policy and Procedure Manual which can be found on the website. The Board also developed a checklist to guide officers through their role. All leaders are encouraged to attend the Leadership Development Institute to have direct contact with leaders at the National level for more leadership guidance.

    It has been a rewarding year as your President. I truly appreciate the support and encouragement I have received during my term. The Board members that have served with me have functioned as a great team with great rewards to show for their hard work and dedication. We won our second Shining Star and the ASPAN Component Newsletter 2014 Contest Award for 15 plus pages. I honestly believe that GAPAN has what it takes to be among the Gold Leaf recipients. You are a group of highly skilled professionals that takes pride in your specialty. It has been a pleasure to serve and represent GAPAN as your 2013-2014 President.

    Keisha Franks, RN, BSN, CPAN, CNIII
    GAPAN President 2013- 2014
    (404)630-9688 cell
    (770)793-5894 work


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