Now we have three Shining Star Awards for GAPAN

ABPANC’s Shining Star Award publicly recognizes ASPAN Components for supporting and encouraging CPAN® and CAPA® certification at the local level. All Components, meeting the criteria are awarded the Shining Star Award at the annual CPAN/CAPA Celebration Event, held in conjunction with the ASPAN National Conference. The award, a beautiful silver star, is engraved with the Component’s name and year of award. This star statue can be displayed proudly at Component meetings!

Established in 1977, the Georgia Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses contributes to the advancement of our nursing specialty practice. Rooted in education, the mission of GAPAN is to establish an organization for networking and advancement of PeriAnesthesia Nursing with an emphasis on continuing education, community service, and research.

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Perianesthesia Nurse Awareness Week
February 1 - 6, 2016

Certified Nurses Day –
a National Celebration!
March 19

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ASPAN 36th Annual National Conference April 30 - May 4, 2017

Indianapolis, Indiana
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ASPAN Leadership Development Institute (LDI)
Cincinnati, Ohio
September 16 - 18, 2016

GAPAN 2016 State Conference
Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center
September 23-25, 2016


Dana Nation, RN - Northeast District

President Elect:
Kewanda Lanham, RN, BSN - Augusta District

Immediate Past President:
Keisha Franks, RN, BSN, CPAN, CNIV - Atlanta District

Betty Cantrell, RN, CAPA - Northeast District

Leslie Edney, BSN, RN, CAPA, CNIV - Augusta District

Website Editor:
Janice Wilson, BSN, RN, CAPA, CNIV - Augusta District

Membership Chair:
Sandra Klein MSN, RN, CAPA, CPAN - Augusta District

Governmental Affairs Chair:
Tammy Cupp, RN, CAPA - Augusta District



Hello Everyone!

My name is Dana Nation. I am honored to be elected as your GAPAN President for the 2015-16 term. Perianesthesia nursing is an exciting specialty that I’ve been a part of for about 15 years. I look forward to sharing my passion for our field during my tenure. First, I hope you will help me continue to educate our colleagues about ASPAN/ GAPAN and promote the organization as a leader among professional nursing organizations. Many perianeshesia nurses do not realize that ASPAN Standards often direct hospital policies for which they are held accountable. I would like to promote increased awareness in this area. I would like to see increased involvement among our members at the local, state and national levels. I am personally extending an open invitation to all GAPAN members to join us for our state board meetings. This is a great way to learn about how the organization functions and make decisions about how much and in what capacity you would like to be involved. We will schedule the meetings for the year as soon as possible and publish them on the GAPAN website. “Willingness to Serve” forms are available on the ASPAN website. I would also like to encourage each of you to explore how you might participate in our organization at the national level. The Leadership Development Institute (LDI) presented by ASPAN is also a great way to learn more about the organization. It will be held on the 3rd weekend of September 2016 and I encourage you to make plans to attend if you have interest in taking a leadership role in ASPAN/ GAPAN at any level. I promise that you will learn a great deal and have the opportunity to network with people from other components. You will also identify resources that you can call or email for any questions that you encounter. GAPAN state executive board members and district presidents will be invited to participate with some financial assistance from the GAPAN treasury. We are fortunate to have many experienced nurses as a part of our organization. Unfortunately, we have a deficit of younger nurses who are just beginning their careers. We need to continue to reach out to nursing schools and invite nursing students to attend GAPAN events. Perhaps we can facilitate interest in the art of perianesthesia nursing among those students and new graduates. I believe we are a part of a great professional nursing organization. I look forward to working with our other board members this year to continue to build our membership by reaching across multiple generations. Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.  

Strategic Goals 2015-2016:

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  1. Recognition of ASPAN/ GAPAN as a leading nursing organization among nurses
  2. Increased involvement of members at district and state levels
  3. Participation of members in LDI 2016
  4. Recruitment of new members
  5. Inclusion of nursing students in GAPAN district and state events
  6. Active engagement of district presidents in seeking the Gold Leaf and Shining Star awards

Dana Nation, RN, BSN
GAPAN President 2015-2016


Hello to my fellow perianesthesia colleagues,

As my second term comes to an end, I would like to take a moment to reflect on my Presidency. I would like to start by looking back on the Strategic Goals set or both years. Sept 2013-2014 (1) Improve Communication (2) Strengthen Component Viability (3) Mentor New Members. Sept 2014-2015 (1) Member retention and development (2)Component Revitalization (3) Social Media Development and Interaction.

I feel GAPAN has done well with communication. The Awakener, our official newsletter and website was awarded the 2014 ASPAN Component Newsletter Award for 15 plus pages. Most of our local districts have either a Facebook or Twitter pages which are used to disseminate information to members and nonmembers. Districts have access to the ASPAN conference line for go-to meetings. Job well done GAPAN!!!

My major concern and issues that I reluctantly pass to my successor are membership retention and component viability. These are issues that GAPAN and many other components have difficulty with. I will continue to work with the President and the Board to help strengthen and revitalize Georgia components. I have met with Doug Hanish (Marketing and Communications Manager, ASPAN) and fellow State Presidents. We all realize that there are several obstacles that our professional organizations are competing with. These issues cause the Perianesthesia nurse to choose where to devote their time and money. I will continue to encourage the perianesthesia nurse to embrace GAPAN’s mission: To establish an organization for the mentoring and advancement of Perianesthesia nursing with an emphasis on continuing education, community service and research. In order to uphold this mission we must continue to focus on our specialty. We must stay actively involved at all levels (district, state and national). We must maintain competencies that are specific to our area. Develop protocols and policies that will enhance our practice. Get involved in evidence based research and produce better practice guidelines for the perianesthesia nurse.

It has been a rewarding two years and I have learned a lot about myself as your President. Thank you all for the support to me and GAPAN. Thanks to all of the Board members that have kept GAPAN as component of recognition and success. Thanks to the district leaders for your leadership and dedication. I will continue to work with Dana Nation and the Board to keep GAPAN a successful component. It has been a true pleasure to serve as your President. I am always available for mentoring and advice.

Keisha Franks, RN, BSN, CPAN, CNIV
GAPAN President 2013- 2015
(404)630-9688 cell
(770)793-5894 work


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